I thought that I had disappeared into the ether.  And I was a bit embarrassed anyway.  I must have been drunk when I made that first Blog Post, although I don’t actually remember being drunk.

My children can’t have read this Blog because thy are still speaking to me, occasionally.  But then they don’t know that the real me is Eleanor Mitchell.  As was.

They think that I am just plain Mitch. Or their mother.  Or their father’s wife.  Or my father’s daughter.  Nothing strange about that.  Just a bit demoralising at times.

Okay, enough about that.  Let’s talk about Dogs.  I like dogs.  I am a dog person.  I treat all children as I treat recalcitrant puppies.

A demain, if anyone is interested.

One Response to “Amazement.”

  1. The Last Furlong Says:

    Blogging is great if you have been everything to everyone else, but not your real self. I really delighted in the post you made in “about me”. It was humorous, sad, profound and instructional. You can’t get better than that!

    I am following you in anticipation. I like dogs too – better than people I think.

    So bring on the dogs!

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