I like Cats as well, but I don’t have any now. Too many of them have been killed on the road outside my house, and I can’t cope with that anymore.

A French neighbour did once remark that I could always get another one, all too easily, as everyone knows. However, I don’t like locking up cats in the house or seeing them drag themselves home injured and near to death.

But, to my first ever cat. He was the product of a Singapore Storm Drain, filthy and starving and Tabby. I was going to send him to The Pound because I was forever rescuing stray animals. The Pound men used to call at my door as a matter of course. But they didn’t arrive for a week, and it was too late by then. He was my Hamlet of Cats, I called him Cat Cat. And, glory be, he had a complete and undamaged tail.

The Chinese believe that damaged cats can’t get into Heaven. So long has this idea existed that most Singapore cats are born like it. So his tail was pretty much a one off.

During that week he messed on every bed in the house. Poor little soul, he simply wasn’t used to being fed, and he did grow out of it very quickly. Thank God for that. He was totally devoted to me, so I don’t care what anyone says about cats being self motivated. He wasn’t. He would jump on my shoulder the minute I sat down, and then proceed to wind himself around my neck with mews of delight. I did so love him, and he me. We had nearly two lovely years together.

I was in the process of arranging transport for him, back to UK when we were due to return. But he vanished one day. I found him dead, poisoned, under a bush at the bottom of my garden. Utter desolation.

I have had many much loved cats since, but never one quite so special.

Excuse me. Off to get another tissue. I will try to think of something a bit more uplifting next time. My life hasn’t only been about animals and tragedy.

4 Responses to “Cats.”

  1. C Says:

    I find that you have a rare combination of bluntness, fairness, curiosity, compassion and wit.

    Material wealth helps to pay the bills, but it won’t buy anyone those qualities.


  2. elenamitchell Says:

    Thank you, C. This is such an encouraging comment.

  3. Dayna Says:

    I don’t understand heartless cruelty like that which ended poor Cat’s blameless life. There may not be another cat quite like Cat Cat in your heart, but maybe you’ve meant just as much to other animals you’ve cared for.

  4. elenamitchell Says:

    Currently it’s a seven year old Black Pug which I rescued after the death of Romulus. She suddenly went blind six months later, just as she was beginning to trust me.
    She thinks her name is Whoops because that is what I say as she is about to bump into something. She now follows my legs everywhere.
    She is a sweet thing and a brave little soul. Not another Hamlet, but then I won’t be quite so devastated when she comes to the end of her life.

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