Just nothing about nothing much.

Okay. Tis time I put my mind to this. Let us see if I can come up with something based on nothing at all.

I bought a cheap Rabbit today. Dead, of course, but it did come with it’s head, so that will help in the taste stakes. Brains and stuff that we really don’t want to talk about.

I would have preferred a wild one that had been shot after some great gambolling and breeding, but no one who does this actually wants to part with them. They stick them in the freezer, and that’s the end of that. Even my middle son pretends that he hasn’t got one, even for me, his best loved Mother. I should never have told him that wild rabbit is best. I should have told him I would take it off his hands to ease his conscience for killing one of God’s creatures for eating his lettuces. I mean, really, we’ve all got to eat.

Once, when I was driving them all home from Boarding School, we came across an injured Rabbit, just lying in the road. This upset me enormously. I don’t like to see anything in pain. So I got them to get out of the car to finish it off. What followed was horrendous. I shut my eyes in the end because it was too awful. None of them were very good at quickly despatching a half dead Rabbit. But I won’t go into detail. It wasn’t their fault that I had failed to teach them how.

Suffice to say that I skinned it and gutted it when we got home. And then cooked it.

This was not at all funny. If you have never gutted a Rabbit then you couldn’t even begin to understand.

Sadly, the dead Rabbit that I bought today never had a gamble in the wild and that’s a bit sad.

3 Responses to “Just nothing about nothing much.”

  1. Roobeedoo2 Says:

    Mum cooked us a rabbit meal when we were little. But I couldn’t eat it because I was so upset to be eating a bunny. I was happy eating pretty much everything mum cooked for us – all kinds of baby animals so I wasn’t squeamish. Just refused to eat rabbit.

    I don’t think I have ever tasted rabbit, now that I come to think about it. I’ll really have to try some now 😉

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    It’s only Chicken with fur instead of feathers. Okay, put like that, it is not quite the same thing.
    But I only contemplate eating dead ones. I have never looked at a live Rabbit and felt like eating it.
    But then I don’t go around wanting to eat a live Lamb or a live Bullock. Or a live Carrot for that matter. Have you ever seen a live Broad Bean? Although your average Broad Bean probably thinks it is alive at some point.

  3. TheLastFurlong (@LastFurlongNow) Says:

    Lovely post – brings up all sorts of rabbit/killing animals memories…we have got really squeemish I suppose. My grandmother killed our chickens without a wince. And once she drowned our cat’s babies (pre-cat speying? days). I have not thought of that for years. It really upset me I remember. At least we didn’t have to eat them!

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