Ode to a couple of very ordinary Blackbird

Well, not actually an Ode.  Just an observation.

They built their nest at eye level this year, which is a trifle disconcerting.  I have to creep about for fear of upsetting them, while Mummy watches me with a jaundiced eye.

But three eggs, so, if, buts and maybes.  I wait for Mummy to bog off to feed so I can have a  quick look.  However, don’t be fooled.  Daddy Blackbirds do sit on the nest, no matter what the experts tell you.  I have seen him doing just that, with his long, orange beak.

I am hoping that they have learned to trust me.  But I am not putting money on it.

Maybe one day.


3 Responses to “Ode to a couple of very ordinary Blackbird”

  1. thelastfurlong Says:

    Lucky fish! You might be able to watch the babies grow up. 🙂

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    I never did see the babies last year. But never mind. I just want them to be here. Any old bird in fact.
    Last year they were both Ticking away to spell Danger, but they haven’t done that this year. So perhaps they don’t see me as Danger.

    • thelastfurlong Says:

      I think on the whole they are pretty private creatures. We had a few nesting here – but god knows where. We never found nests as they always either dive bombed us, or fell over wounded (pretend) and “limped” away in a different direction. Ha ha.

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