Such is Life.

Six weeks ago my much loved youngest son turned up on my doorstep after a traumatic end to yet another relationship.
Yer, yer, I know. But I am his Mother. Even if he is 50 years old.

However, he was doing quite a good job as a Fire Fighter at the time. The anti Depressants not withstanding. But that was nothing to do with the job. Although all Fire Fighters have to be mad.

I nearly had a fit, despite knowing nothing about anti depressant. You know, give me a Speed Job if what he says is true. I could well have got off on that during my frightfully traumatic life. Thank God I never did. But then I wouldn’t have known how to ask.

What! Admit that I couldn’t cope? No chance. But don’t imagine that anti depressant aren’t addictive, even if only as an emotional crutch.

He ran out of that shite three weeks ago, and is actually doing okay. Absolutely no possibility of getting anymore here as he doesn’t even know how to get to a doctor. And I’m not telling.

I think he now wonders why he ever fell for it. But his lady has been on this rubbish since she was seventeen years old. Jesus Christ, God preserve me. And him. He appears to have finished up with no self esteem what so ever. But then I am his Mother. So no blame intended to anyone.

Meanwhile, one of my grandsons did impregnate a woman of 38 years old when he was 21 years old. I am now a great grandmother. What a mess. She has bogged off back to her Mother. I hope she stays there.

I would probably decimate her if I were foolish enough to get within hall mile of her. She is old enough to be my grandson’s mother. But then there are monetary considerations, although not from me. I don’t have two sous to rub together.

Robin and I aren’t actually agreeing on this one, Robin being my son. And Elijah being his son. I have told Elijah to leave it be, and wait and see, while Robin seems to think that there is something to be salvage from a very misbegotten relationship.

No one in my family is ever going to deny the right of that small baby to any love and care that we can offer.

I am just disgusted by what she did. How does a woman of 38 coerce a boy of 21. Or have iI lost the plot?

2 Responses to “Such is Life.”

  1. thelastfurlong Says:

    I don’t know anymore – I’ve lost the plot too. Life is not like it used to be. We are living in a different era. About the age gap – people don’t seem concerned about it much anymore. In a way, that’s rather nice because, really, what’s important is if you love each other….and I think that can happen no matter your age. Toyboys are really fashionable too!

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    Saw your post and didn’t know what to say.
    She is trying in some way to blackmail Elijah, probably because she knows that his other grandmother is worth a few bob.
    There is no possibility of turning Elijah at the age of 22 into a mature adult of even half her again of 38. He simply doesn’t know what is going on. He doesn’t understand why she has left or what he could have done, or even what he did.

    However, I doubt that he will ask me. He already knows what I will say.

    His other grandmother likely feels different. He is the only boy in a very long line of girls in her family, while I have far too many boys to name.

    Same old same old.

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