England from the shores of Brittany.

What an inglorious mess.  I know I left a long time ago, but I have always gone on hoping.  I was once vaguely proud of being a Cockney, until Stepney went down the pan and ceased to exist.  And now The Ghettos are situated in High Rise Blocks.  So much easier to contain, don’t you think.  And a pox on the houses of those who had such contempt for human life to so do this.

But now, I don’t know what to do anymore.  Not that it matters all that much, because it is all only in my head.  I never did like England very much and often wondered why I was born there, although there were much worse places in which to be born at the time.  France being one of them.  But England never felt quite right to me.

Scotland would have been really okay. I love Scotland with a passion.  I just couldn’t afford to buy even a hovel their.  So I eventually bought a hovel here, and I have been back to England only four times in 25 years, when each time I could hardly wait to get out again.  Oh the relief when I got back on that boat.

I won’t be renewing my Passport when it runs out this year.  In excess of 100 Quid for what?  So basically I will be stateless.  Not that I care about that.  No one will be throwing me out.

I am rambling now.  But I would like to know which misbegotten God put me in England, and for why.  It almost certainly wasn’t Allah, although it might have been Buddha.  I am enough of a stoic and a failure to be a Buddist.

Oh My God, does that mean that I might come back again?  Could you make it Singapore on the next occasion, s’il vous plait?  But not in one of those high rise blocks, and with enough money to employ a servant.  I promise to rescue loads of Cats.  I like Cats.  My best loved Cat ever is buried in Singapore.  Just a storm drain runt, but oh how I loved him.

And now I am getting maudlin.  Always the best time to sign off.

2 Responses to “England from the shores of Brittany.”

  1. thelastfurlong Says:

    England is a mess? Absolutely. And the politics is ugly/savage.

    Ghettos are situated in High Rise Blocks? I agree – ALL high rises give me the creeps. They have Ghetto-blocks in France – but not so tall. But just as depressing. The Palaces for the Poor.

    Servants? Servants make me feel uncomfortable. I’m glad we don’t have any.

    Re-incarnation? Absolutely. Nature recycles everything.Why not consciousness? WE choose the cicumstances of our birth – there is no God afflicting.it on us. Our lives are consciousness (r)evolving, experiencing, developing, enriching itself.

    When I was suffering deeply from exile, a friend said “Don’t try to bond to any particular country, root yourself into the planet. The planet, wherever you live, is your real home.”

    England is the legendary place where the streets were once paved with gold.

    Really enjoyed your post. Thank you.

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    I actually feel deeply sorry for you. Leaving Africa must have been awful. It would have nearly destroyed me if it had been my home. But then I ever was Politically Incorrect on that one, and perhaps too much to say that is now better left unsaid. And besides, we now see the aftermath.
    As it is, I am still gutted by having to leave Singapore, although I wasn’t there for all that long.

    But you can have England.

    Not very sure about choices of birth or being. I don’t think so somehow. There would be no point if we could choose.

    My email address is maureen.lang@wanadoo.fr if you ever want to talk about this.

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