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Another Cat.

November 1, 2017

I seem to have acquired a Cat.  I only realised this initially when human food started to disappear from my kitchen work top, although I did briefly assume that I was having a few senior moments.

I knew it couldn’t be the dog because she is much too little.  What a relief that was.  All of my other dogs would steal anything.  So I got out of the habit of never leaving anything lying around.

And then I caught him slinking off after pulling two ghastly  French type sausages onto the floor.  Him and the dog were both tucking in.  I call him a He, probably because I can’t face the prospect of a bunch of abandoned kittens.  And it has been three months now.

I gave in eventually and bought Cat Food.  I ever was a sucker for a starving cat.  But he is a teensy bit fussy.  He much prefers those little packets of meat in jelly, and not overly keen on the dried stuff.  This suggest a level of intelligence because dried food isn’t vey good for any animal.  Wet food is also better for hiding Worm Pills, although he sometimes spits these out.  This means that I have to dose him two days on the trot.  Not all that funny with the price of Worm Pills these days.

Nowadays he sneaks in when he thinks the house is empty, or I have gone to bed.  I find him sleeping on my desk chair cushion, which I have incidentally covered with Flea Powder.  But he is instantly awake when I get up in the morning, and he then slides off.

I have a Dog Flap, so no chance of keeping him out, even if I wanted to.

I think he has inherited the Siamese strain which lurks in all of the stray cats around here.  Far too many of them, as it happens.  He is white with very pale grey ears and tail, and with a permanent anxious look about him.  I don’t know what colour his eyes are as I have never gotten that close.

I suppose that he might settle one day, but it doesn’t really matter if he doesn’t.  He knows where his food is, and with Winter coming he isn’t forced to sleep outside.

But what I find most strange is that he isn’t even remotely bothered about the dog, and shares his ill gotten gains with her.  And she doesn’t care because she has now got a partner in crime.

Must go now as it is time to feed the two stray kittens at my neighbour’s house across the road. Their mother seems to be missing some of the time, so probably off somewhere getting up the duff again.  Won’t that be fun.  My neighbours are in England at the moment, and I get paid for my efforts while they are away in English Tea Bags.  Win win all round.