Rainy Days.

I am finally having a new roof put on my house next door.  Only my youngest son lives there, although there is room enough for the rest of the family.

10,000 Euros.  Ouch.  It took me a very long time to save this money.  But then this is what Rainy Days are all about.  It just smarts a bit when you actually have to spend it.

Incidentally it is being done by Eric, a Jehova’s Witness who just happens to be a friend.  He doesn’t work every day because his wife has just had an operation for cancer, performed by a hospital in Vannes who adhere to the laws of Jehova’s Witnesses when it comes to blood transfusions.  The operation appears to have been a success.  I do hope so.  I had no idea that they could do this.

However, several people around here are really impressed by the quality of Eric’s work, so more work for Eric is already looming.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.  Their God might not be quite the same as mine.  I don’t really know, and have no real desire to find out.  Eric never tries to impose his ideas on me.

I did say a few Hail Mary’s for Laura.  I do this when circumstances are dire, and I suspect that it helps me more than those for whom I say them.

Please be well, Laura.

3 Responses to “Rainy Days.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    You’ll find the work is done with real CARE! Care is missing today sometimes when workmen do stuff. Good investment I think!

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    It is a good investment, Liz, and will increase the value of the house. Not that I am thinking of selling anytime soon.

    Nothing ever happens around here, so having a new roof put on is of major, social interest, and everyone has time to watch Eric at work. Three neighbours have expressed interest so far, so I hope he gets lots more

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