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Right. Nothing to say.

June 16, 2018

Okay.  I have absolutely nothing to say.  And if you believe that then I have just ceased to exist.

But you might not like what I have to say.  More to the point, I might not like what I have to say.

No, not tonight.  I won’t be baring my soul.

A disaster as a parent?  Who?  Me?  Certainly not.  Who are these persons?  They were my sons before they took wives.  After that it was all downhill.

A disaster as a Grandmother?  I don’t even know who they are, although I could probably recall their names if pushed.  I stayed out of the fight, you see.  Being the Mother of three boys doesn’t bring much to the table.  My sons ceased to be mine a very long time ago.

No, I don’t mind all that much.  I could tell Lewis not to become a Policeman, but only because he is too much of his own person..  Oliver met this crackers lady who loves him to bits, but then sweet Oliver is far to kind for his own good.

I have no conception of Daniel other than he gets a bit upset about his mother when she is being a bit too fucking perfect, yet again.  His sister Gemma is lost to me.  But I might send her an email in a minute.  Hers is the only email address that I have.

Elijah is probably the kindest of them all, but then he has no real sense self worth.

Lilijah?  I know nothing of her.  Maybe one day.

Cats, Dogs, Husbands.

June 6, 2018

Cats, Dogs or Husbands?

Sadly, not a lot to be said for any of them.  They all need housing and feeding, and that’s about it.  But perhaps I have always been on the worse end of this.  Heaven knows why.  I have never managed to work that one out.

I did have one glorious Cat and one glorious Dog, but even they needed feeding.  I never did have even one glorious Husband.  How sad is that?

They are all dead now, which is probably a good thing.  I have no intention of dying any time soon.

Meanwhile, the ghastly Charlotte, horrible smelly Pug Dog, is looking like outliving even me.  And she doesn’t even like me.  Feed her?  Sheesh, the amount of time and money I spend is no odds to anyone.

I am the Animal Lover Incarnate., and I finished up with this?

What did I do, God?  Tell me it’s a joke.


June 1, 2018

France.  Don’t you just love it. Rhetorical Question.

My old van blew up five weeks ago.  Oh My God, my son needs transport to get to work.  More to point  I need transport for him to get to work.  Can’t have him sitting around pleading No Transport.  So I agreed to hire a car while the garage sorted the new second hand car I had agreed to purchase.  My son’s mother knows her son better than he thinks she does

Five weeks later I am having a nervous breakdown at the thought of the cost.  Until I discovered that the hired car came gratuit.  What?  Okay, lovely, merci beaucoup.  Phew.

But what to do with the blown up old van?  That’s going to cost a few bob to get rid of.   It’s a pile of  clapped out old rubbish, albeit good stuff in it’s day.  But, Oh really. No chance.  The garage owner came and uplifted it on to a loader this evening.  For Free.  “C’est normal, Madame”.  Now this is real honour.  Something that Brits don’t know too much about these days.  Even I after all these years thought that I would have to pay.

Mind you, I won’t stray far from this fold in future, but then I haven’t for quite a while.  Maybe this had something to do with it.,

The owner of the garage thinks that I am quite mad.  I can tell by the way in which he looks at me.  But he is much too polite to say so.  I might have fancied him if I was thirty years younger