Cats, Dogs, Husbands.

Cats, Dogs or Husbands?

Sadly, not a lot to be said for any of them.  They all need housing and feeding, and that’s about it.  But perhaps I have always been on the worse end of this.  Heaven knows why.  I have never managed to work that one out.

I did have one glorious Cat and one glorious Dog, but even they needed feeding.  I never did have even one glorious Husband.  How sad is that?

They are all dead now, which is probably a good thing.  I have no intention of dying any time soon.

Meanwhile, the ghastly Charlotte, horrible smelly Pug Dog, is looking like outliving even me.  And she doesn’t even like me.  Feed her?  Sheesh, the amount of time and money I spend is no odds to anyone.

I am the Animal Lover Incarnate., and I finished up with this?

What did I do, God?  Tell me it’s a joke.

One Response to “Cats, Dogs, Husbands.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I think you are a loving person putting up with Pug-dog. You are earning brownie points for your next incarnation! I can’t comment on the hubands!

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