Rein de Tout.

Write about something, for God’s sake.

Went to The Food Bank.  This was good.  Loads of food yet again.  And such nice people.  This has changed my life.  Although perhaps not for obvious reasons.

Sat in the garden while my son made a hache of sharpening his Chain Saw.  My Chain Saw actually, but we won’t go into that.  Personally I just bought a new chain when the old one went blunt, and then took it to the shop for them to sharpen.  Two hours he spent while I got pissed from sheer boredom because he needed me to talk to him while he did it.  Horses for courses, our kid.  It’s worth paying them 5 Euros to do this for you when you can earn 20 Euros an hour using it.  Am I wrong or am I wrong?  Buy me another carton of wine and I will talk to you forever.  It would be cheaper to let them do it.  But Robin Dominic isn’t hot on economics as yet.

Demain.  I have absolutely nothing to do tomorrow, although no doubt my Christian soul will kick in, and I will be forced to find something to do.  Sitting on one’s backside doing nothing just isn’t on.  But I am getting old now and the bones ache from time to time.

I don’t know how this happened.  It crept up on me, so these days I do a small bit at a time, have a cup of tea, and then do another small bit.  Old age isn’t a lot of fun, but nothing much to do about it.  It just happens.

I have a way to go yet.  A Stick to help me walk one day?  And I have already thought of a way to help me to get into the shower when I need it, but not just yet.  Just let’s not be silly about this.

There is nothing at all depressing about my life.  It’s how you deal with it that counts.

Personally, I long wished to be like Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  Lying around in bed with consumption and writing poetry.  I did have consumption and wrote a lot of poetry, but the lying around in bed never happened, and nor did I ever get whisked away by the love of my life.  But there you go.  Two out of three wasn’t bad.  How do I love thee.  Let me count the ways.  But that’s another story.


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