Bat Shit Crazy.

We have just been on a Bat Hunt to this 15th Century Church in the middle of nowhere, but then everywhere is in the middle of nowhere around here.

Until recently this church had in excess of 1,000 Horseshoe Bats in The Belfry, before an Owl got in and scared them all shitless, from which so far not many of them have recovered, so The Belfry is now down to about 100.  This snippet of information really upset me, although I do suppose that Owls have to eat.  This particular Owl must have thought that all its birthdays had come at once.  I pay no credence to gender.  Who cares.

Anyway, there we all were in the dark, clutching Bat Tweeters and hoping for Bats.  Obviously even more Bat Shit Crazy than your average Bat.  There weren’t a lot of them.  They were outnumbered.

So after that we all went down to this River, even more in the middle of nowhere and stood on this bridge with very powerful torches, which I don’t suppose the Bats liked all that much, but with the aid of these Tweeters at least we saw a few.

Bats are not blind.  They just can’t see in the dark.  What a surprise.  But they do have an echo sounder in their heads which stops them bumping into things.  I could do with one of those on occasions.

They live longer pro rata than humans because they hibernate when it gets a bit chilly.  I try to do this, but it doesn’t always work because I have a boring habit of getting a bit hungry in Winter.

They inhabit the entire planet except for Polar Regions, which speaks for itself.

They hoover up about 3,000 Mosquitoes each, and every night.  Let’s hear it for Bats.

They are Mammals.  I didn’t know that.  Actually, I never even thought about it.

They are  completely silent in flight, and incredibly graceful.  Really beautiful.

I have forgotten of how many Species there are, but it’s a lot.  The experts can tell which Species just by listening to the noise that the Tweeters give off.

All in all it was a really interesting evening.  Do it if you get the chance.

I have always liked Bats.  I just didn’t know enough about them.  They could be in my roof space for all I know, but that’s really okay.

Many thanks to Martin who made the evening so enjoyable.



4 Responses to “Bat Shit Crazy.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh how interesting! Nice post. Thank you.

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    My pleasure. I always hope to be interesting. But this becomes increasingly difficult in a sceptical world.
    But then this Blog thing is first and foremost done for one’s own pleasure.
    I am still surprised that anyone actually reads my ramblings.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Well, we do!

  4. elenamitchell Says:

    Merci Beaucoup. One of a recent friends says that I am writing a book, which I probably am, albeit unknowingly. But it is the only way in which I know how to do this. I am not an Author. I don’t have enough imagination. Everything is always real to me.

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