I think I’m getting another dog. I say, “Think” because the puppies are only two weeks old.  Many a slip, as they say in Scotland.

Charlotte, as ever, staggers on, but she was a real sweetie with a much beleaguered kitten that I found on the road and hoped to save, although not to be. It was just too young.

After my lovely Rom had to be put down I was without a dog for six months. It was awful. However, I hung about and waited for another dog to fall into my lap, as it were. And so came Charlotte the ghastly Pug who was never going to be a Lap Dog. Rescued at the age of seven and still surviving five years later. Poor little soul.
So I have been thinking a little ahead.

I have never before Charlotte, had much truck with rescuing dogs. I like to know where they have come from and how they have been treated. And I’m not wrong about that, I now know for certain. Somedebody beat Charlotte which was a battle and a half to get beyond. Who would beat a Pug for God’s sake?

So back to puppies. All of my many other dogs have been puppies. And not a bad one among them. I don’t actually train dogs. I just tell them to behave, along with the children. It works for all of them. Probably something to do with Alpha Mater. Wolf packs are always run by Females.

Anyway, I was at a very nice gathering of friends on Sunday evening, all talking rubbish, especially me, when someone told me, in passing that her friend’s Long Haired Dachshund had just dropped a litter. And I thought, “Oh My God, this is the sign. This is what I have been waiting for.” Although I have never owned a Dachshund. Try spelling that for starters.

We shall see, obviously. But I’ll let you know.

5 Responses to “Puppies.”

  1. elenamitchell Says:

    Hi, Roobs.. I have a suspicion that you own a Dachshund.

  2. legiron Says:

    We have a long haired dachschund. 10 years old and still acts like a puppy in between naps. Be prepared to make clear who’s the boss right from the start – these are wilful little buggers!

    She is good at catching mice though 🙂

  3. elenamitchell Says:

    Apollyon. Thanks for the “Like.” Comment, for Christ’s sake.

  4. elenamitchell Says:

    Thanks, Legiron. Really nice to hear that. But I don’t think it will be a problem. Dogs and Children behave in my house. What? Not much difference really.. Behave yourself. Okay.

    Actually having done some research, obviously, I am almost besotted before the event. Such pretty things they are. He and me will get on just fine. Once I have cracked that the garden is the place in which to piss.

    Charlotte is a bit of a problem because she is long past caring, but I am not having her teaching him bad habits. And I will win on this one.
    In fact who knows? Charlotte might stop being a total pain. Let’s have a piss together. Please God.

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh they are lovely little dogs. I have a friend who seems to buy them in layers. When the oldest gets old, she gets another who comes along behind and enlivens the old one. And plugs the hole when it dies. Maybe Pug will improve too?

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