Silly Billy.

Tis strange that one Blog can motivate another.  Or one experience can make one think.

Silly Billy is a stray cat who thinks that I am his enemy, when in fact he is a very beautiful thing,  Pure Siamese, if this is at all possible.  Perhaps it is just in the genes.  He is undoubtedly a Stray

Some six months ago he started to come into the house to nick the dog food when no one was watching.  So I thought that I would have to feed him, although I didn’t actually have to, did I?

Charlotte, as blind as a bat, but we all know about her, didn’t even realise that he was nicking her dinner.  So he and me came to an arrangement.  I feed him his food, and don’t think he doesn’t know.  9am of the clock  and 5pm of the clock, he is there.  He scoots like the clappers out of hell if he sees me even looking at him.  But he always comes back later when my back is turned.

He sleeps on the  Chest at the end of my bed, But he is always gone like the wind almost to the minute I wake up.

No, I don’t think I am ever going to get him to trust me.  But it doesn’t really matter.  I have managed to get a few worm pills and a few flea pills down his throat.  Eat it or starve, Our Kid.  I might be a bit of a fool when it comes to recalcitrant animals, but I ain’t that daft.

And in the end it only matters that the animal should be okay.





One Response to “Silly Billy.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I think that’s a most interesting relationship. Silly Billy might eventually tame up?

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