What a Day.

Got up at the crack of dawn to catch the female cat before she bogged off out.  Banged her up in a cat box.  She cried a lot.

Took her to The Vet to get done.  I don’t care if they mostly don’t mate in Autumn or Winter.  I am not chancing it.  And I can’t kick her out because she likes it here and wouldn’t leave anyway.

No, she doesn’t have a name.  No, I don’t know how old she is.  No, I don’t know if she has got anything wrong with her.  Okay, come back at 5 o’clock.

5.30pm and back at The Ranch.  She crept out of the box and fell over a couple of times.  I had to feed her on the floor because she couldn’t get up to get to her food.  Had to beat off the dog because the dog will eat anything at ground level.

Keep her indoors for five days, oh really.  No chance.  There is a bloody great hole in the back door for the dog.  She found that one all by herself, which is how she got indoors in the first place.

Combien, s’il vous plait?  C’est normal, Madame. 105 Euros, merci beaucoup.  Normal?  Bloomin hell.  That’s nearly my entire week’s pension money gone. The rest of it went on worm pills and flea pills.  The cat food was extra.  But the alternative didn’t bear thinking of.

However, she is a forgiving little soul.  Back on my bed tonight and purring away.  No loss of trust at all.

Please God keep her safe from that awful road.  She has grown on me.

2 Responses to “What a Day.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Ah – a love story! Lucky cat…..

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    Not sure about the “Love” bit, Liz. 105 Euros ain’t funny to be wasted on the road.
    But the only cat I ever truly loved was a pure Tabby as well. And a stray. And you don’t see many of them.
    But he loved me as much as I loved him. This one knows which side her bread is buttered.
    The Siamese stray is much more beautiful, but remains afraid of human contact.

    For once in my life I am being entirely pragmatic. I can’t throw her out so I might as well make our lives as easy as possible.

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