Two For The Price Of One.

Guess who got a Speeding Fine in the post this morning?  Yep, Me.  But I wasn’t even there, Your Honour, or whatever they call The Judge here.

It took me two hours to work out what it even was.  I thought they horrible Septic Tank persons were having another go at me since they failed so miserably the last time, after Charlotte fell in the shit tank, and I nearly died laughing.  But only after Charlotte got hoiked out, I hasten to add.

It wasn’t me, okay.  But the car is registered in my name, so to cut the crap, pay up, or else.  They did send me a Form to say it wasn’t me, but then what?  If I even knew how to fill it in.  It is cheaper to just give in.  As my son pointed out to me.  And he is the one who will pay.

And as it happens I could quite likely have been driving much more fast as I still have no real conception of Speed Limits in France.  What Speed Limits?  And I am still getting used to a car that actually goes.  Let alone The Breaks.  I still haven’t cracked The Breaks.

My Silver Lining kicked in, as ever.  Dom was driving somedebody to the nearest Airport, so they paid for the misdemeanour, and Dom just sat in a car for several hours for nothing.  Good one.  Never under estimate Silver Linings. This is the stuff of  never being really pissed off about anything.

And then to No Name Cat.  I got up at o’crack sparrow cheep to get her into the box before she bogged off for the day, and  to get her to The Vet.  He’s Hot, oh my.  But that is by the by.   My son rolled his eyes in horror when I said that.  But Stitches removed.  And she won’t get up the duff again in a hurry.  Poor little soul.  But she still trusts us.  Actually, there is nothing even remotely remarkable about her.  But I doubt that she was ever part of this Stray Explosion round here.  She is too domesticated, so perhaps she was just dumped by someone who couldn’t cope with the cost of getting her seen to.  I can understand that.  The price wasn’t funny.  But swings and roundabouts.  You gain some and you lose some.  You just need to be able to spot what is worth what it is.

She isn’t my reincarnation of my Singapore  Cat, much as I would so like her to be.  But I doubt that I will ever give her a name.

3 Responses to “Two For The Price Of One.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I think “No Name Cat” is perfectly acceptable! I knew a family where the black cat was called “Black Cat” and the white cat was called “White Cat”. That seems very dignified to me, yes?

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    My Singapore Cat was called Cat Cat. He knew who he was and who I was.
    I suppose I could call her Puss Puss if I ever need to call her at all, but we don’t have a lot of trouble communicating. She knows already when it’s breakfast time and dinner time, which is what it is all about.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Psychic cat….

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