Le Repast Pour Les Ages.

Lunch for the old people of this Commune. And I have to say that a couple of them looked a bit more battered around the edges than I do. This was a small comfort. A touch of schadenfreude, I fear. You do this sort of thing when you get to my age.

But the really remarkable thing is that in what is a small Commune there are so many of us. It must be something to do with the fresh and clean Breton air, and or the vast quantities of cow shit that is used as fertiliser, rather than that other stuff that is killing everyone.
They do know how to farm around here.

I sat next to a charming, old Breton widower, who was more than delighted to practice his excellent English on me. This happens all of the time these days, so not much chance to practice my appalling French, yet again.

The lunch was excellent, albeit long and protracted, as ever, and coupled with large quantities of alcohol.
And interspersed with Breton Dancing. There’s life in the old dogs yet. Breton Dancing ain’t funny if you are feeling tired and emotional. It’s jolly hard graft. They say that it was invented to stamp down your latest new dirt floor. Hence the Cheese and Wine Parties.

This was followed by bursts of song from all and sundry, although not by me personally because I can’t sing. But then nor could a few who did. Mostly Breton Folk Songs. They had to wrest the microphone from one delightful old boy who was on Song Four.
Thankfully, none of The Brits were tempted to sing, “There’s an Old Mill by The Stream, Nellie Dean.” I would have felt compelled to join in if they had, and was half dreading it and half hoping for it. Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner. You haven’t lived if you’ve never heard a Cockney sing that. It’s a cross between a wail and a moan, if you get it right.

Sadly, no one sang La Marsellaise. I actually know that one, well, nearly.

The Mayor was there and charming to everyone. A jolly good time was had by all. Britons and Bretons alike.
I will almost certainly go next year. If I am still breathing.

Many thanks to the young people who put in so much effort in serving the near 200 people who were there.

And thanks to John for his rendition of “If I was a Rich Man.” He deserves a mention.

One Response to “Le Repast Pour Les Ages.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh how fun. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for keeping us updated….

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