The Veterinary.

All Vet’s bills start at 100 Euros.  Nothing less is even remotely possible.  That’s it.  Gender or Breed doesn’t come into this.  But she was a very nice lady, and she speaks English.

This is not always necessarily important, but it helps if your French is crap.

So O’Connor, for ever after to be known as Connor, had to go for his last vaccination this time around.  He won’t be getting any more because one lot is enough for me.  I am not a fan of repeated vaccinations.

No thank you, I don’t want a Rabies Vaccination, at least not for the moment.  I could change my mind about this if we look like getting Rabid Bats, but I doubt there is much chance of that.  The Bats around here are absolutely fine.  And we are a bit far North for that anyway.

So what with  The Vaccination, The Worm Pills and The Flea Pills, which all took about fifteen minutes, 100 Euros.  Merci Beaucoup.

Not that I have a problem with Vets.  It’s a hard road dealing with things that can’t speak at all.

Connor is an absolute wimp, and hollered mightily on receipt of the vaccination.  And has been wimpering ever since.  How could we be so cruel?  He will probably never recover.  Poor little soul.  Another poor little soul to add to the brood.  But Charlotte the Pug has got the franchise on that one, so far.  Charlotte has been at death’s door for five years now and still not looking like actually kicking the bucket.  Where do I find them?  My animals always live long and prosper.  But then I do tend to go for the runt.

And I do have to say that Connor looks like a well nurtured Rat.  It might have been cheaper to get a Rat.

But he is very sweet.

4 Responses to “The Veterinary.”

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