January the First. 2019

That I should have lived this long.  But then why not?  It’s all in The Genes, you know.  Or mayhap in The Mind.  I ain’t giving up until I have had my monies worth out of the rotten old British State Pension.  I was never going to be their best Bench Mark.  Soooo…

Had a really nice day today.  Probably my best ever New Years Day.

Wrote to a couple of people that I actually care about, but have never met.  And had a nice time with a couple of people that I have known for quite some time and didn’t really understand. Probably my fault.  But all has been good.

Connor improves very slowly, but he is getting better.  He pees in the garden now because he thinks that maybe he should, but I don’t think he has really got it yet.  I take him out several times a day.  But the rest of the time, fuck it.

No New Year Resolutions.  I don’t do that.  Whatever it is that I can’t do all of the time isn’t worth doing.

My Stats have shot up just recently.  Mainly due, I suspect, to someone passing the link to my Blog to some who thought they might find something that isn’t there.  Some of them are still reading.  And I am really pleased about that.  I don’t know exactly who they are.  But that doesn’t matter.  I only ever hope to amuse.

All of this has done wonders for my for my ageing spirit.  So thank you so much to whoever it was who passed on The Link.

Such a Happy New Year I do wish you all.

3 Responses to “January the First. 2019”

  1. The Jannie Says:

    Happy New Year to all from the residents at Cripple Creek. Success rate so far – 100%: one with osteoarthritis, one with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis and one with fibromyalgia. All still breathing, getting what we’re owed out of the DWP and NHS and staving off the alternative for as long as possible!

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    Sheesh, and there is actually nothing wrong with me.

    Still on my feet, but I do take my glasses off these days when carting Connor into the garden because the bi focal distorts my vision. So I have stopped falling over my feet, and falling over. How simple is that?

    I don’t know of any of the things that you have said, and I am sorry that I don’t.

    What did I do, God? That God that I don’t really believe in. Yet. But then knowing would rather take the edge of.

    I am now in danger of The Sin of Pride yet again. The only Sin that I think is worth contemplating. Fuck Adultery. Small beer.

    But I will do a Blog on The Sin of Pride once I have got it together.

    Try to be well, you all. Hope is everything.

  3. from cdr to jpg Says:

    corel to jpg

    January the First. 2019 | Elena mitchell

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