Now there’s a thing, especially as I have no real idea of what it means.

Do I want a life after death?  Probably not.  I don’t suppose that I would make a better one of that than I am doing of this one.

My main problem has always been The Sin of Pride.  Such an easy one to fall into.  I am kind so therefor I am good.  This thinking doesn’t make allowances for the fact that some of us are just born that way.  And it doesn’t make people who aren’t born that way necessarily bad.  They just don’t know how  to be different.  There you go.  Sin of Pride number one in this missive.

Perhaps I was just more fortunate.  Sin of Pride number two.  It’s a minefield, believe me.

Every bloody thing is a Sin of Pride, so it’s not my fault.  Sin of Pride number three.

My thoughts on the subject have absolutely nothing to do with God.  You don’t need God to tell you.  Whoops.  Sin of Pride number four.

You are all probably wondering by now for why I bother castigate myself.  I don’t know either.  This is almost certainly not a Sin of Pride.  So there goes another one.  If you see what I mean.

Sorry about that.  Just a passing fancy.


One Response to “Spirituality.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I don’t believe in the sin of pride. I believe the feeling of pride is essential for people to feel there is something to strive for. We can use our discernment to sum up whether things are worthy and that will foster our own self respect, and the respect of others – and pride in something worthy.

    I think “the sin of pride” is a Catholic idea, that simply means you should first give credit to God for your success – and especially – not to question the teachings of the Church.

    I am not a Catholic. 😀

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