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Je ne pas.

March 14, 2019

People were passing kind but not all that interested, so I had a few years in the wilderness. I did get introduced to Chicken Sheds when it became obvious that I needed to earn money, but that was some sort of fun, once I overcame the smell, and getting up in the middle of the night. They clear Chicken Sheds in the middle of the night, so as to not upset the chickens too much. Not that it makes much difference. The Chickens don’t have far to run. And the only question is how many chickens in each hand. This is not difficult. Combien? Usually four in one hand and four in the other, depending in the average size of the chickens. You slot the chicken’s leg between your fingers, and chuck, sorry, place then in a crate. It is not good practice to damage the chicken for resale purposes. Bugger the chickens.

Things are different now, although not that much. There are two other English families living in Lann Georges these days, Both in houses that have long been here, so I have seen some comings and goings.
OMG, we don’t have a Bar or a Bakery anymore. But our Chateau remains resplendent. And much loved.

The Chatelaine is a sucker for stray cats, which I feed when she can’t be here. But that’s okay because they are nice cats. Although I did lose one last week. Dead on that awful road. 70 kph through Lann Georges? Are they mad or what? You can’t do 70 kph anywhere these days. Except through Lann Georges. I might make a fuss in a minute, but I doubt that my French is good enough.

God knows why my horrible cat is still alive. I have buried three cats to that road over the years, so this one is not getting a name. I didn’t want her and I didn’t ask for her and she just turned up on my bed one night. She only wants to eat Dog Food, and chases mice around my bedroom in the middle of the bloody night. But she likes it here. So that’s it I guess. Yes, I did have her seen to, but only because I couldn’t face a litter of kittens on my bed. I have never had a female cat before for precisely that reason. I have never had a male cat castrated. Frightfully male orientated is my world.

My neighbours will be back from Angleterre on Wednesday which I am so looking forward to. Lann Georges will be complete for a while.

The other two of us families have survived the Winter. But Lann Georges will always go on. Such a lovely place it is.

Rein de Tout

March 9, 2019

Sitting here, bored out of my mind, and wondering what to do.  This Blog is probably going no where fast.

Robin Dominic bought a new lawn mower today.  500 Euros, so not a lot.  Been there and done that, several times.  But the first time is always the best if you like machinery as much as I do.  You have to be a bit weird if you do.

And then Connor pissed on the floor.  So I shouted at him.  “This is a disgrace.  You think I am stupid?”  He ran off and hid.  So I followed him.  “What do you think that was?  You think that’s okay you little horror?”  He is still in hiding.  “Okay pissypoos, you are now in serious trouble, so watch out.”

What a hoot.  Will it work?  Who knows.  But he certainly didn’t like my tone.  So on the next occasion I will really shriek.

Can’t Remember.

March 9, 2019


March 2, 2019

Robin Dominic has been to another French English Soiree tonight.  I decided not to go, although I would have been welcomed.  I simply can’t handle small talk.  I don’t have any.  And so I nearly die of boredom.

Anyway, apparently there was a bit of an argument about the dregs of society.  Such a waste of space they are.  Ban them, or something,  Although no one seems to know quite how to do this.  These people all work hard and aren’t short of a few bob so why should they support the dregs.

They fail to see that this is what Society means.  It shouldn’t be personal.  It is just Society.  We are responsible for all, whether we like it or not..

But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Dom went in there with both feet flying.  He hasn’t yet learned to temper his arguments, and so he offends.  I have  been there and done that many times a very long time ago.  So he came home a bit bruised, having had the kindest of intentions.

Me?  Given a good adversary, I can argue black is white, and prove it.  People like me don’t get offended.  But there aren’t too many of us around.  I hope he learned something tonight.  If he wants an argument, and there is nothing wrong with that, then he needs to be a bit more careful of whom he chooses to argue with.

It is probably a good job that I wasn’t there.  Who knows whose side I might have come down on.  He is now the smart arse his mother thought she was thirty years ago.

Live long and prosper.  And try to be kind to those who appear to least deserve it.  There but for the grace of God.