An Ode to an Ashtray.

What is an Ashtray?  Something into which you stub out fags, but only ever of the Tobacco kind.  That is what Fag has always meant to me, so I do not wish to go beyond that idea.  Okay.

Is this an amazing ashtray?  Is it good glass, or just some ghastly plastic?  Am I pleased to have this Ash Tray in my house?   Do I even care when it comes to stubbing out a fag?  Yes, I probably do.  I would much rather have something half decent.   Preferably Christlal, if you really want to know.  But I don’t have too many of those.

I have always been a snobby smoker, along with a few other snobby things.

Anyway, everyone is pissed around here tonight, so God knows where they are stubbing out their fags.  I’ve got the only half decent ashtray.

O’Connor has run for the hills, in the name of  The Sofa.  He and me had a good one tonight.  I let him sit on my lap for ten minutes, during which he made no attempt to bite me.  I think I might be getting somewhere.







One Response to “An Ode to an Ashtray.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Two thoughts. I had ceramic pots with lids as ash trays. To rest my cigarette, I used the turned over lid on top of the pot. To extinguish it, I simply dropped it in and replaced the lid.

    Secondly, Connor is not biting you. He is mouthing you. You need to reply by mouthing him back. Not with your mouth as he does, but with you fingers made into a mouth. Nibble him, especially shoulders, neck and face.

    Well, that’s what I think.

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