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July 31, 2019

0KAY,  The last of my two front teeth just fell out.  Thank God for that.  It was getting a bit painful.

So now I have to keep my mouth shut all of the time.  Try that one for size.  Not funny when you have got an awful gap

However, this was never going to shut me up.

PS.  I can’t go to the Dentist because I am psychotic about Dentists.

Les Pompiers de Bieuzy. 56.

July 12, 2019

Went to a Bar B Que at Bieuzy Fire Station last weekend, and met all of my son’s team mates and there wives, husbands and other assorted others.  They were all sober at this point, and so was I.

The old Fire Chief was there with his wife.  Their eldest son is now The Fire Chief and his brother is a Fire Fighter.  It is all very family orientated.  And there are quite a lot of women Fire Fighters as well.

I bailed out at about 4pm because I thought I had consumed more than enough.  My son ran me home in our car, and The Fire Chief picked up Robin Dominic to take him back so he wouldn’t be able to drive home drunk.  God knows who drove him home at 2am, or how drunk the driver might have been.  This bunch are hard core.

Apparently there were a few complaints from near neighbours about the karaoke, but I don’t suppose they complained too vociferously.  Who knows when their own house might catch fire?

They are all quite mad, of course, but I suspect they have to be to do the job.