0KAY,  The last of my two front teeth just fell out.  Thank God for that.  It was getting a bit painful.

So now I have to keep my mouth shut all of the time.  Try that one for size.  Not funny when you have got an awful gap

However, this was never going to shut me up.

PS.  I can’t go to the Dentist because I am psychotic about Dentists.

4 Responses to “Teeth.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh no! No front teeth? Sounds scary to me. Eating might be a problem?

  2. sexton16 Says:

    Polymorph. Mould your own dentures.

  3. Shannon Says:

    Having a wide gap in your teeth can be embarrassing and stressful for some people. You can consider dental implant to fix this issue. However, this can cost you a pretty penny.

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