The Twenty First Century Hits Lann Georges.

A very nice lady knocked on my door today and asked how long I had lived here.  Its been a long time.  And then she inquired as to whether or not I am a permanent resident.  Yes I am.  My first thought was Brexit, but it wasn’t that.

She then explained about the new recycling bins and gave me a swipe card which you need to open the bins.  Yes, I do recycle but only because I have to put it somewhere.

You are allowed 50 Litres Free on any one occasion.  Any more and you have to pay.  This was getting better by the minute.  Robin Dominic will no longer be able to put off getting rid of his beer bottles for weeks on end because he has something better to do, like drinking beer.  And I won’t have to negotiate my way around them.  Besides, three or four large plastic bags full of beer bottles does absolutely nothing for my OCD.  It isn’t possible to make then look tidy.  I have tried.

Paper and Plastic are another thing, and they don’t help my equilibrium either, although we don’t accumulate quite so much of those.

So do me a favour.  Bring on The Twenty First Century.  There is nothing else even remotely modern around here.  For which I am largely thankful.


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