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To Do or Not To Do.

April 25, 2020

I don’t really want to talk about Corona.  It will always be a fizzy drink to me;  And I don’t know enough about it, which I hope I never do, although Smoking is looking good at the moment.  Will France now ban Tobacco along with Strong Drink?  They wouldn’t dare.  Would they?

But then I never expected them to ban Strong Drink.  I would have done a bit of panic buying if I had.  As it is I am now reduced to Wine, which I don’t like all that much.  So not a lot of drinking going on around here just now.

I completely forgot about Distance when our very nice Post Lady finally delivered my New Computer and so did she.  Easily done, you see.  But no doubt they will pounce on me if she gets It.

The New Computer is working fine although I do wake up with some trepidation. Old fears die hard.  And six months of messing about was a long time and didn’t do much for my anxiety, which incidentally is only Full Moon related.  But there seems to have been a lot of Full Moons recently.

They can keep me on Lockdown for as long as they like.  I am not one of The World’s greatest shoppers and now I have got the perfect excuse.


April 21, 2020

A New Computer and after two months I can now rabbit on again.  What a relief.  Except that I am now that stressed out I can’t think of anything to say.

That Corona Virus has got nothing on Computer Problems.  Try me.  All Viruses of course, but they come in different guises, all sneaky.

France has now banned the sale of Strong Drink.  What a laugh.  No more Pastis for you for a while.  But the illegal sale of Eau de Vie is looking good.  This is Distilled Cider of about 60% Proof from all of the Stills that went underground about ten years ago when The French Government banned that.  I never touch it, after the first and last time many moons ago.

This has not been reported in The British Press, probably because they are afraid of riots on the streets should they even think about it.

I am now exhausted so I shall retire to my boudoir and watch some rubbish on Pirate Television.  “Cardinal” ain’t half bad if you don’t mind frozen bodies all over the place.

Hi Pol if you got this.