Fish and Chips.

I was taken out to dinner in Guemene on Sunday. Mother’s Day or some such rubbish.

And we had Fish and Chips. For the first time in thirty years of living in France. How on earth have I managed?

It was okay. The Batter was excellent. I would have preferred Haddock to Cod but The French don’t really understand the niceties of English Peasant Food. Oh, and there was no Mushy Peas. But let’s not be too picky about this.

However, I did discover something vaguely interesting. This restaurant used to be a Butcher’s Shop and Living Quarters in the days of Napoleon. Interesting in itself that the present owner knows this, but then I always did need to know the ins and outs of the cat’s backside, so nothing new there.

Sorry, I forgot to ask which Napoleon, but I have rather given up on that one. None of them actually know.

We have Le Blavet down the road a bit and since Rivers are always Feminine I did wonder about this. But Le Blavet is a Canal. which explains that. Canals are Masculine. This was Canalised by Napoleon, although probably not personally, but they don’t know which Napoleon did that either.

The first Napoleon wasn’t Napoleon the First. I have at least managed to discover that. But he was the only one worth tuppence happeny. The rest of them rode on his back. Long Live Napoleon.

2 Responses to “Fish and Chips.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Enjoyed this post. History is meaningless to people who dont know it. Such deliciousness is an aquired taste. The mob here have gone crazy. Soon they might be tearing down Fish and Chip shops for being racist white-man food. After all, the British invented it!

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    Im not sure about Fish and Chips being invented by The British, Liz. Every Nation I have come across lays claim to it; So if these morons start attacking them then this could be counter productive. But probably worth a laugh.

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