I know with absolute certainty that I was not Racist Sixty odd years ago when I was about Sixteen or Twenty.  This was the time when The Windrush People arrived in London, much to everyone’s interest and my Dad said that London Transport would have collapsed without them.   My Dad wasn’t a Racist.  Although he was staunch Labour.  I was always a bit of a disappointment to him on that one.  I had the audacity to have ideas of my own.
And I joined The Wrens where coloured sailors were ordinary.  We worked together and sang together, mostly ghastly old and often rude Rugby Songs  and often in Glaswegian back street Pubs.  We were all Mates you see.  We served Her Majesty The Queen.  Although she was only Elizabeth the First of Scotland.  That didn’t half cause a bit of bother when some idiot erected Red Post Boxes marked ERII in Glasgow.
But am I Racist now?  I really don’t know anymore.  And nor do I care all that much.
I met a few coloured people in my travels, mostly from British Army Protectorates, but whenever I showed any interest in who they were I was accused of being patronising and since I have never gone out of my way to be insulted, I stopped speaking to them.  And never have since.
As for Baden Powell, I had completely forgotten that I was a Cub Mistress between the ages of 16 and 20 and what fun that was.  There wasn’t anything much else to do in Neasden at the time, other than falling off a Rope Swing into The River Brent.  I did that myself a couple of times.  Organising these small boys was such a pleasure to me.
And then there was my stepmother who was a Jewess.  She didn’t talk about it a lot.  She was much too afraid even years after The War was over.I now know that she wasn’t wrong.  But it was beyond my comprehension at the time.
However, she loathed The Welsh and The Irish of which I was half and half.  More bloody Racism.  This isn’t a problem peculiar to Black People, although they might think that they have got the franchise on this.  They haven’t.
I know too many white people who were driven out of Africa.
Because I always try to be honest, at least with myself, then Yes, I am almost certainly Racist these day.  No, I don’t even dislike Black People.  I am just fed up with them.
I am fed up with the fact that they always manage to jump The Housing Queue and get more help.  And I am fed up with them using The Race Card to holler and complain and shout Discrimination when clearly this isn’t true.
And I don’t care if no one ever reads My blog again.  Not many people do anyway.  I do this for my own pleasure.

2 Responses to “Racism.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Nice post! In the UK here, we have returned to tribalism! It’s beyond imagination.

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    I am now a bit confused, having read some of the shocking things going on in America. I shall have to Blog again, when I can get my head around it.

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