Oh Dear.

Having watched a few videos of things going on in America over these last few days, I have had to have a bit of a rethink.  They are all utterly shocking.

Eight white Police Officers with their hands on their guns and two guns actually drawn, threatening a lone black man cleaning up litter on his own front garden with a bucket and a litter stick.

A white woman and a white man accusing a black man of writing Black Lives Matter on his own garden wall because they knew that this rather nice house didn’t belong to him.  The fact that it does was entirely irrelevant to them.  They were both lying to create hatred and quite possibly jealousy.

There are many others of a similar vein.  All deliberately designed to humiliate.
This to me is Racism and totally sickening.  Surely this doesn’t happen in Britain, does it?

There is nothing I can do about America and don’t even want to.  America will get it’s own cumuppence eventually.  And there isn’t anything I can do about Britain either.  But if someone treated a black man like that in my French Village then they would live to regret it.  And I wouldn’t be alone in my defence.  I did something similar once in defence of a young disabled woman and everybody came out to support me.

I actually feel sick.  And I shall be a bit more careful over what I have to say in future.

2 Responses to “Oh Dear.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Remember you are being charged by the videos you watch. Are they true? Are they fake? Hard to tell nowadays….the real videos of what happened to George Loyd are different from what we were shown by MSM.

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    There was no actual violence, Liz. Just humiliating words and threats.

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