I wrote this amazingly funny and really clever Blog tonight. Almost certainly my best ever. But you all are never going to know because I can’t be asked to do it again.

I lost it to God knows where.

This could have been fortuitous because on reflection it was probably Libellous, although I doubt that Mr. Kipper would ever have read it. But then you never can tell. And he wasn’t the only one that I might have been Libelling.

I am thoroughly pissed off with the lot of them. Just pay my Ground Rent. It is only 250 Pounds a year in total.

Yep, you have sussed it. My LeaseHolders yet again.

Six glorious months without a hint or a holler. I thought that they had finally gone away to get on with it themselves, which is what they wanted. Or so they said. Silly me. I actually believed them.

Nothing to be done, of course, unless they want to buy The FreeHold, presuming that I would be in a position to refuse, which I somewhat doubt these days. God help the poor bugger who owns the Flat directly under The Roof. No one wants to know when the rain isn’t directly pouring on to their parade.

I shall do and say nothing. Well, not much, apart from a couple of expletives.

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