I have been out Cleaning today. A Holiday Home where people are coming on Saturday. I earned 20 Euros. Did I need this? Absolutely not. But my youngest son felt obliged. My youngest son is The Gardener, by the way so I don’t really understand where Cleaning ever came into this.

It was the same old same old. The only thing to be said about Cleaning is that no one notices the lack of if you did it right. What Cob Webs? What Dead Flies? What Mouse Shit? It is all gone. But I do have to say that there weren’t any Dead Bats. That would have seriously upset me. I like Bats.

It never happened. So he and me swanned through this place. Me, for a bit of fun, and him because he cares. Silly boy sometimes. But he is my son. These are the days when I remember who he is. He largely thinks that I have lost the plot. And he could be right. But I can still clean a house.

Actually it was utterly boring. But there you go.

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