Effing Doors.

Okay. Done the rotten Roof. Well, two of them actually. And now to The Doors. Three of them. Don’t ask. I expect that it was three houses once upon a time. You know, two irks and one peasant farmer.

Second estimate for three doors coming up and another really nice man. But still looking like 9,000 Euros no matter how I string it.

My son, dear of him tries to help, but always comes across as treating his mother like an idiot. I don’t actually know if he thinks that I am. But when it comes to Pounds, Shillings and Pence then the Sun will go down on me. And since I will be paying The Bill then I want the ins and outs of the cat’s backside.

What Exotic Wood, Monsieur? Is there more than one kind? Are any of them less expensive? Guess what. It would appear to be so. Oak is the first. I never got around to asking about the others. Suffice to know, but there are four other kinds that they don’t particularly want to tell me about. Why?

Same old same old. White hair and she must have lost her marbles. No, I do not believe that The French are inherently dishonest.

Anyway, I managed to upset absolutely everyone today, even those who were trying to help me. But since only I will be paying The Bill, then assuming that I can’t speak or understand French would be a very silly thing to do.

This is wherein it gets a bit shitty. I cut to the chase while everyone else is being Polite. I don’t do Polite when it comes to 9,000 Euros. But I do suspect that they have got me on this one.

Oh. This one didn’t like Rotten Little Swine. Poor Little Swine. He only wanted to be Friends. So short of 1,000 Euros off the price then this one is on a loser. But I do have to say that I would sell Rotten Little Swine down the river for 1,000 Euros. If anyone else was daft enough to have him.

2 Responses to “Effing Doors.”

  1. elenamitchell Says:

    Oh. You might have to fight me for Rotten Little Swine.

    Don’t try because I will win. I have got a very nasty left hook with my right leg.

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    Dear dear dear, I am a bit upset tonight. I might be alright tomorrow. Nothing else to be done. But such is life. There never was when I was being beaten. But I don’t talk about that.

    I got my own arse out of that one eventually. I got a bit too big to tolerate being beaten. I could have wiped the floor with Her. But I never was a violent person. And have never wanted to be. I just walked out of the door before I smacked her.

    Sorry. Nothing to do with anything. But I am not quite as nice as I might appear.

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