Horses for Courses.

I would so dearly like to write something frightfully intellectual, but I suspect that I am a bit too close to basic ordinary.

I have thoughts and ideas that are a bit beyond my norm, but then I have trouble putting them into coherent speech. And any real intellectual can spot a chancer. That much I do know. Although I doubt that too many of those read this Blog.

Oh, believe me, I have had my What The Fuck Moments, but they only last for about five minutes before they become common place. And almost certainly someone else thought about it long before I did. Like back to Stonehenge or even longer.

I don’t really want to consider the pointlessness of Human Life. You might as well give up and die if you go down that road. And I have absolutely no intention of dying anytime soon, mainly because I intend to screw as much money as is possible from The British State Pension System which is bloody diabolical. So obviously my intentions are not altruistic, which might be a bit of a pity. But there you go. At least I am not a hypocrite. Or at least, I hope not.

I do have a few favourite expression, but those are the thoughts of other people, and not my own, so not actually pertinent.

In fact I doubt that I have ever had an Original Thought. Or if I ever did then I have forgotten it.

No. I am not a sad person. I always hope that people will be a bit more kind to each other. But only because thoughtless cruelty is so much more damaging to those who dispense it.

Meanwhile, Rotten Little Swine doesn’t have a nasty bone in his body.

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