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What is what by whose thinking?

September 28, 2020

Does anyone actually listen? Or do we all now only require to be heard?

I had some very distinct ideas when I was young, but I learned that by listening that I might actually change my mind, although I didn’t actually have to. I only needed a valid reason. And you don’t get that if you don’t listen.

Some people of course, will never listen, but this doesn’t necessarily make them wrong. Maybe they got it right in the first place. End of what could have been an interesting discussion if they can’t explain why, or perhaps don’t even want to.

As it happens, my day was a long time ago when women didn’t have opinions and men were often very rude, which made it all so much more difficult. Good Night, Ladies was the cry. And no answer to that.

I have never been a feminist. Why would I want to be? I can do most things that men can do with a bit of innovation, but why should I want to?

In the end I got to dig up the blocked sink waste pipe and didn’t find it all that difficult, but I would so much rather have been cooking the dinner.

Is there a different place for men and women? Are things any different now? I no longer know because I have lived alone for too long. Well, my youngest son is here, but I wouldn’t trust him to dig up the sink waste pipe. He wouldn’t know how to even find it.

I tell him things because I will be dead one day, but I think he thinks I am crackers, when in fact I am just trying to make things more easy for him. This is where the sink waste pipe is, Darling, should it ever get blocked again. Just don’t put coffee grounds down the sink. And tip a kettle of boiling water down it now and again. The sink waste pipe is dodgy.

We won’t even go into the lavatory seal which has been held together by duct tape for many a long year.

And there is nothing I don’t know about The Septic Tank. Just don’t let the dog in the garden on the next occasion that you have the lid off for whatever reason. Hoiking The Pug out of the shit tank wasn’t funny, except that I nearly died laughing after they hitched her out. They all thought I was having a heart attack when in fact I was convulsed.

I shall leave you with the most important thing that was ever said to me.

I once said to an elderly professor that I met at a party that I didn’t suffer fools gladly. And he said to me, “Don’t you think that it’s time that you did, My Dear.” Fuck. That was a bad one. I will never forget that for as long as I live.