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October 18, 2020

I am now totally flummoxed without a single, sensible waking thought. And my dreams aren’t much fun either.

Will life ever return to what I thought was normal? Although on reflection, what was normal?

I have never been obsessed with Global Warming or the saving of Planet Earth. Planet Earth is perfectly capable of saving itself and to assume otherwise is gross arrogance. Who the fuck do we think we are?

This particular species of mammal might die but I don’t care about that. Give me another twenty years and I will be dead anyway.

My grandchildren and great grandchildren are on their own. And not frightfully interested in anything that I have got to say. Even my children think that I am not the whole schilling as I plod away amusing myself on Social Media, which is all crap as well. But at least I get to express an opinion without being interrupted halfway through a sentence. I deal with the flack when it happens and I am quite good at that, which is what Social Media has taught me. My use of The English Language has improved enormously. And No, I don’t need to know of what I am talking about. I could well be entirely wrong. I don’t care about that either.

Words you see. And Words are wonderful, such a glory, if you like Words. But they have to be said for your own sake. Therein lies the pleasure.

So I will go on wearing a mask, mainly because it doesn’t seriously upset me or interfere with my life. So why should I mind?

I do sometimes wish that I hadn’t watched that Eyham Video about The Great Plague at the very start of all of this. But it didn’t half make a point, albeit not in quite the way one might assume.

Winter approaches and the lack of daylight depresses me since we have six months of this ahead. But there is Christmas which I prefer to see as The Winter Solstice. Take your Religion as you may. And may your God go with you.

Much love to all of you.