Life as it is.

I have had meandering thoughts on all sort. None of them logical. I know that. So what to do now?

There will be No Old Folks Dinner this year, as there was No Pardon, but that’s just passing Rural Stuff.

Will everyone get a Goodies Bag this year as those who didn’t attend always got? That would be a turn up for the Local Grocery Store who get the franchise on this one. And well deserved. They are always there for what ever you forgot to get at The Supermarket, including booze because you drank it all during some lost boozie afternoon when anything was better than thinking about dying. We will all no doubt die of Liver Failure sooner. What’s not to like about that?

President Trump. I like him, although God knows why. But I suspect that he has lost this one. But Biden is going to be a laugh a minute, if you find Dementia even remotely amusing. I do find it funny on the rare occasion that I lose the plot these days, but then I’m not looking to run America. I can only hope that Biden has a laugh while he’s at it.

Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan continue to pontificate. They haven’t yet sussed that 40 isn’t old enough to know anything of consequence. Or that hypocrisy is definitely not on. Presuming that they even know what Hypocrisy means. However, I am not so smart that I think I am no longer ever guilty of this. Hypocrisy sometimes comes in hidden guises.

O’Connor. I continue to fail miserably with House Training. In fact I am now certain that he only pees in the garden because he happens to be out there for some other reason that is known only to him. Where he pees is an irrelevance. I do have a couple of tricks these days, namely that he now knows that he will get a biscuit when he comes back in, but he has to go out first, so I hope he pees while he is out there. This dog could never be accused of stupidity.

O’Connor. The year of the “O” in France. Given to him by his Breeder because this is The Law. I could have changed it if I had so wished, to Oslo, but I liked his first given name. And I wouldn’t mind betting that there isn’t another O’Connor anywhere. Or another O’Connor anywhere. Two of him would be too much for this God’s Earth. Such a joyful little soul he is.

What else? The Winter Solstice approaches and I am that sort of person. A Pagan at heart. Any old party will do to get me through to Spring and the Rebirth of Planet Earth. Only about twelve weeks now before the Crocuses appear. Not very long, is it.

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