Moles are endemic around here, although I have only ever seen one and that was a dead one. This was due to a crazy English Absent Owner whose garden I looked after and who thought he had every Mole in Brittany out to get him.

So every week for six months this really nice old Breton put down traps. He caught one. The dead one I saw. The Moles moved on eventually, as they always do, taking their entire family with them. The Old Breton got paid and what I had forecast came to fruition. The Moles all came back a couple of years later. No traps this time and they all went away again.

Anyway, I found a Mole Hill in my garden a couple of days ago, not for the first time in thirty years, although they don’t bother me. But O’Connor went ape shit. Ah Ha, Badgers, he thought. The hole is now two feet deep and O’Connor is still digging and still hoping. Dear of him. It gets him out. He is now convinced that I have been lying to him about Badgers, although what he would do if he ever finds one is a mystery as your average Badger is at least twice the size of him and nasty with it.

My garden is a wreck again, but I don’t think we will see this Mole again in a hurry.

The garden lawn next door is looking pristine, so the ideal place for a family of Moles.

4 Responses to “Moles.”

  1. Roobeedoo2 Says:

    Poppy has caught a few mice in the house. I think she thinks we’ve laid on indoor hunting for her amusement.

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    These dogs think whatever suits them. Especially Dinner Time. Anyone watching would think that mine is starving.

    He has just had tinned dog food mixed with some left over tinned fruit. What dog in his right mind would eat that?

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Ooo – love moles! I had an amazing experience with a mole once. I was cataloging plants in a botanical garden where I worked. Suddenly, the earth under my foot started to move. I stepped back in surprise and a beautiful mole pushed up a pile of earth and broke out of the top. He hung on the edge of his “porthole” looking at me. I must have passed the test by standing very still. He waddled down his mole mountain, sniffed my shoes for a while, found them inedible, and returned down his tunnel, home again. He had the glossiest fur I’ve ever seen! Such a handsome beast. I felt blessed. I’ve been mole love-struck ever since. They don’t look good dead!

  4. elenamitchell Says:

    Dogs think that Moles are fair game, but aren’t very good at catching them, at least in my experience.
    But then I don’t like to see anything dead.

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