What, Again.

On a lighter note, which is forever hard to find, I remain hopeful. I think it is in The Genes although I don’t actually know. In the days of The Village Pump some people did stand up for each other.

Full Moon tonight but I have been stuffing Black Grapes again so I am feeling fine. This remains a mystery to me. But if this is what it takes then eat Black Grapes. No, you don’t have to pay any attention to this.

But it could get a bit difficult during the next few months because there won’t be many Grapes around.

The Rotten Little Horror Story remains pure joy. I know now that he will never be house trained, but he gives back ten fold. So sometimes you have to settle for what you’ve got. He actually loves me. What sort of idiot is that?

Everything else is well in The Land of Nod. I never have gone for Eden, especially when Cain and Abel didn’t even like each other. If I had been their Mother then I would have smacked them one, so Christ knows what she was up to, other than the obvious. Adam was of course totally useless.

The Winter Solstice makes absolute sense to me. Why would you not have a party when the going is getting a bit rough? I am already planning what I am going to do, Bloody Mary’s not withstanding. This planning will tide me through when the nights are so dark. And this is what our ancestors did. It was all so simple for them.

The Moon is now just about Full and it is very bright out there. Such an amazing thing.

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