Noel 2020 In Retrospect.

Sent Robin Dominic out to buy two small Turkeys.  Disaster.  No Turkeys.  He came home clutching two Capons and looking apprehensive.  I told him not to worry.  I know what a Capon is.  It’s a Castrated Cockerel,  but I’ve never cooked one or even eaten one.  French Freezers must be stuffed full of Turkeys.

Google.  And not a bad word to say about them.  The Prince of all Birds.  Or Princess, depending on your stance on gender realignment.  Sadly, the Birds don’t get a say in the matter.

I stuffed it on Christmas Eve as is my wont of a lifetime and my neighbour cooked it.  A joint arrangement as Kate is better at Yorkshire Puddings than I am.  And her oven is bigger than mine  And I have to say that The Dinner was excellent.  No one mentioned the as ever marvellous stuffing which never tastes the same twice.

Christmas Day.
Lann Georges was deserted.  They were all recovering from their Christmas Eve Dinners.  These Dinners are a delight, but the idea never quite gelled with me.

Robin Dominic managed to stay reasonably sober.
Glen regaled us all in his inimitable and outspoken fashion.  Glen is a Cockney.  I told him that I am a Cockney too, but I don’t think he believed me.

Charlotte who is Kate’s daughter is pregnant so that was nice as well.  A new life on the way.

Glen left at about 5pm to go and feed his host of animals before it got dark and I came home to see how The Forum was getting on.  Yer, I know.  Get a life.  But this is my life and often grateful I am for it.

The Feast of Stephen.
Stephen was stoned to death on that day.  I bet you all didn’t know that.  But nothing new there.  Stephens have a habit of doing this.  May his soul rest in pieces.

Sunday Morning Early.
And time to reflect.
I got a book about The Wrens during Wartime.  Such a thoughtful present.  Apart from reading Requiem for a Wren I don’t know much about that time in The Navy.

Also a really nice and long, fluffy scarf as a present from The Food Bank.  What stoics they have all been during a difficult year.  All volunteers.

Last but not least, a lovely PM from the most unlikely of friends on The Forum.  It nearly made me cry.  And I am not prone to crying.

Not long until New Year.  Have a good one, you all.

PS.  O’Connor is absolutely fucking fine.  Dear of him.

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