I went shopping today for the first time in six months. Oh, what joy. And I never thought I would ever say that.

First I went to The Butchers in Melrand to spend my 20 Euro Voucher for not getting an Old Person’s Lunch this year. I bought half a leg of Lamb. It was expensive but fresh and unfrozen. And it wasn’t my money anyway, so no worries there. Some people around here grow a few Lambs but chuck them straight into The Family Freezer so no one else get’s a look in. This is not generally Sheep Country.

I was as ever treated with absolute charm and good manners. This still surprises me after thirty years. The Bretons are such kind people. And how lovely it was. That alone made my day.

Then I went to Carrefor clutching an 8 Euro Voucher off this week’s ordinary stuff. I am up 28 Euros by now. Also got two Bidons of Parrafin which were 8 Euros off the normal price. Up 44 Euros. Things were looking good. So I blew 12 Euros on reduced Smoked Trout. That saved another 6 Euros, if you can see where I am coming from. Plus a packet of Peppered Mackerel, although I can’t remember how much that was reduced to.

So let’s call quits on 50 Euros saved. I came home full of delirious delight. 2021 is looking up.

4 Responses to “Shopping.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    The frugal cook! Well done..

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    I’ve got New Doors to pay for in a minute, Liz. And that won’t be much fun.

  3. Ejjamane Says:

    A bargain-Hunter after my own heart!

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