Now here’s a Riveting Enterprise.

All you need is a Wood Burner, a Big Bin Liner, a Decent Pair of Loppers and similar Secateurs.  Not to forget a Rampant Wisteria, of course.  But you will have one of those already. Three weeks of lovely flowers and then nine months of unadulterated misery as it tries to strangle you every time you go anywhere near it.

First you save money on Firelighters which makes you feel useful.  And secondly it gives you some time out in the fresh air when you can’t think of anything better to do.  Usually in the middle of January when it’s really cold, although hopefully not pissing down again. Then you just chop it into Stove Sized Pieces and store it for next year.

But watch out.  Wisteria has tricks up it’s many sleeves.  Just as you are about to hack it to death it starts growing Flower Buds.  Now I don’t know about you but I couldn’t do it last year, which is why it is that bit more awful this year.

O’Connor, of course, thinks this is a wonderful game designed just for him as he grabs the really long bits and dives around the garden depositing them as far away as possible.  He gets loads of exercise and so do I as I try to retrieve them while he runs off with another bit behind my back.  But at least he isn’t digging up the garden at the moment.  Must remember to be thankful for small mercies as well.

One very big bag for now and probably another bag to come.  I am getting a break today because it is raining again.

Kindling has long been an industry in Brittany when for centuries old women like me used to scour the hedgerows for it.  Fortunately I don’t have to do that because it is all in my garden, so perhaps there is more to be said for Wisteria than first I thought.

3 Responses to “Kindling.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Very convenient. Grow kindling in the comfort of your own garden!

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    And then there’s The Camilia. And The Plum that never Plums. Not to forget The Elderberry which Elderberrys far too much.
    Endless Fun.

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