Wood Burners.

Wood Burners.

Wood Burners are Good.

They keep these old stone built houses slightly above freezing in Winter and cooking on top of them is fun, especially when you think of all of the gas and electricity that you are saving.  Also very easy to kick start in the morning if you know what you are doing, which I now do.  Rake the ashes and Voila.

However, it is a bit like living in a warm Woodshed what with wood chipping and such all over the floor.  In fact it has crossed my mind recently that this might be easier since you wouldn’t have to cart piles of wood indoors every day and be forever sweeping up.

And then my mind turned to Ye Olde Dirt Floors.  Not such an awful idea, eh what.  The detritus gets walked into the dirt and vanishes and no muddy footprints or dog’s paws either.  Not sure about the dog shit, but who cares.  You likely wouldn’t notice.  What with the House Cow and the House Goat living under the stairs to The Seed Loft.  Just keep them chained to the wall, otherwise they might wander about a bit in the night.  Who needs a Cow giving you a kiss at O’Crack Sparrow Tweet.   The Hooks are still there.  I couldn’t bring myself to remove them.   And besides, I was a bit worried about the wall falling down.

Come Spring you contact The Dirt Floor Man who delivers a ton of earth.  No idea how much but I bet it was cheaper than having all those very expensive Floor Tiles laid.

Then you throw a Cheese and Wine Party for the neighbours who do a bit of Breton Dancing.  And how’s your father, you have got a new, clean dirt floor. All stamped down and ready to go. To be reciprocated all around the Village of course.  Resulting hangovers nothwithstanding.

Breton Dancing is something else.  Really hot foot stuff when you are young.  But it does involve a lot of hanging on to each others arms, which means that you don’t actually fall over no matter how pissed you get.
There are Dances for Chances and some of it is quite beautiful and tells a story.  The footwork alone is incredible.  I don’t know what it means, but I learned how to do it because it is lovely.  And it made me feel good.

3 Responses to “Wood Burners.”

  1. legiron Says:

    Flagstone floor here, and thick granite walls. They hold heat nicely once the wood stove has heated them up.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Lovely post! In Africa they have dung floors polished like mirrors. Seems we used to do the same in the Northern Hemisphere here. I’m sure the only ones polished like mirrors anywhere were of the Elite and Kings. I went into a Royal Hut once in Africa, It was huge and stunningly beautiful with every beam decorated in beads and mirrors and a wonderful vast gleaming floor. I’m sure tramping dirt was forbidden and dogs would remain outside!
    Thanks for bringing back the memory

  3. elenamitchell Says:

    All grist for the mill. I cooked an entire dinner last night in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep.

    God knows what happened to the dinner. I went off to visit a neighbour and got pissed. Bubble bubble toil and trouble.

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