Courtesy of Myster. I couldn’t have done that. I shall buy a frame shortly and then hang it on my kitchen wall. Ever to be remembered as the worst dog that I have ever owned, but also the funniest and the sweetest. Get your head around that if you can. Excuse me, must mop up another Pee. Meanwhile O’Connor is out digging up the garden again. My friend Rob in New Zealand is watching out for O’Connor’s arrival.

My Avatar is not really relevant, although it does look a bit like me in my hay days, although I was probably marginally better looking and I had much more hair, sadly now diminishing along with everything else, other than my brain of course.

Forgetting things is only really funny to me. If only everyone thought so. But this lies in your own hands. If you laugh then everyone else will. And does it really matter anyway?

However, this is a Thank You to Myster who had the time and patience to do this and made me feel as though my Blog is worth reading. There are others on The UK Justice Forum who have been kind to me, being a Moderator as I am, but always from the most unlikely corners.

Alice has been dead for two years now, but still missed by me. He was a kind man. But he wasn’t alone.

Sorry, I got a bit morbid there for a minute. Probably Full Moon coming up again. I don’t do well at Full Moon, but it always passes. And The Moon is such a glorious thing, especially at it’s most high. And tomorrow will be another day.

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