More Kindling.

Now it is the turn of The Hortensia. Hydrangea for the uneducated. I planted all of mine from cuttings when I thought it was possible to control these things. Wrong. The more you hack them back the higher they grow. Robin Dominic has just cut them all down to about twelve inches, again They’ll all be back up to the top of a six foot wall by the year after next.

Unfortunately this year it has exposed the utter devastation of O’Connor’s attempts to conquer New Zealand when he thought we couldn’t see what he was up to, which we couldn’t. What an horrible mess. Rotten Little Shit.

However there are now huge piles of already half dead, six foot long pieces and since it will take no longer to cut them into stove sized bits than it would to put them in the Trailer and take them to The Tip, we might as well get on with it to some sort of financial benefit. Pennies and Pounds come to mind. Ever my guiding principle. I have survived for many a long year on that premise.

The Never Pluming Plum Tree is again in great bloom and yet again I live in hope. It had better watch it’s socks because that will be for the chop next year if it doesn’t. Unfortunately my Robin Bird has taken to sitting at the top of this wretched Tree and trills away beautifully as he waits for me to feed his now quite fat face, so I might have to rethink that one. “No Robin, you can’t cut that one down. You don’t really want to disaccommodate your Spiritual Brother, do you. Rhetorical Question. Robin’s reply will not be fit to publish.

Meanwhile, Lann Georges travels on unaffected by time. How very lucky I was to shipwreck up here.

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