Covid Vaccine?

I have finally been offered a Covid Jab by E-Mail as being over 75 years old.  But it’s all in French so God knows what it actually says, although there is no mention of Which Jab or Where.  These wouldn’t be a problem for me as Astra Zeneca is the same in English as is Vannes or any other large Town around here.

My first thought was O’Connor Eccles Lang.  What could go wrong with that?  Unless they notice that something isn’t quite right when he turns up.  But then he isn’t half daft either.  He might be a rotten, little pisser but he knows what a tin of dog food looks like even before I open the cupboard door.  And he knows what a syringe with a needle is as well.  And he definitely doesn’t like those.  I would be hard pushed to get him vaccinated against Rabies  should I ever need to, which I probably won’t.  No Rabies around here and The Bats all look harmless, at least I hope they are.  Not that I see a lot of them as I rarely go out at night to take a look at the nearest street light these days where they tend to congregate when looking for mosquitoes, for which I remain forever grateful.  I don’t do well with mosquito bites.  But I haven’t had one of those for years.  This leads me to suspect that The Bat Colonies have increased.  Jolly good show I say.  Anyway, I shall worry about Rabies if I ever have to.  And No, I have never been tempted to Eat A Bat.

And another thing of course.  This could be an E-Mail Scam so I’m not clicking on The Link anyway.  How can you tell these days?  My E-Mail Address is plastered all over The Internet, thanks to some arsehole who thought he could embarrass me when I didn’t agree with his demented ideas.  I don’t do embarrassment which he failed to realise.

So that’s me and O’Connor safe from The Vaccine, at least for now.

3 Responses to “Covid Vaccine?”

  1. Ejjamane Says:

    Ha ha! ‘Rotten little pisser’ did make me laugh!
    Bats totally rock! I recommend going out at night to listen to them with a detector.

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    I hasten to add that I love him to bits. I’d have to. He’d be dead by now otherwise.

    PS. There is a Blog about Bats on here somewhere. Pure delight it was.

  3. elenamitchell Says:

    What has happened to your Blog? I think that is pretty funny.

    Or perhaps like me you are a bit intermittent.

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