Glen Bogle.

Oh Joy. In the middle of watching any old rubbish I somehow managed to trip over Monarch of The Glen. That’s Big Eric, by the way. The actual Monarch of The Glen. He eventually did a bit too much rutting. But then don’t they all.

All frightfully Scottish of course, but of much delight to me. My love of Scotland started in Glasgow, grimey old City, but it was real. Real people who were proud to be Glaswegians. Even if they were a a few bob short of a shilling on a Saturday Night.

My love spread outwards and upwards after that. And so began my passion for The Highlands and history as well if you like. Shit, they haven’t half got some history.

I am an Irish Mitchell, but my Clan MacDonnell has the largest grave at Culloden. It is really, really big. Twice the size of the Campbell Traitors. Good one, eh what. Or is it?

There is obviously not a lot to be said for The Mitchells beyond honour and glory, which is possibly why the females of the Clan survived for as long as I have. Honour and glory are all very well, but I would rather have stab them in the back when they weren’t watching. Horses for courses, I say. Better still, don’t take me on in the first place.

But if you want a bit of the glory take a passing glance at The Highlands. And not necessarily Fort William, although I did once nearly climb Ben Nevis. I packed my hand in when I ran out of oxygen half way up.

Coming back down was far harder than going up. I sat there and looked down. And nearly died of terror.

This is my testimony to Scotland. I wish that I lived there, but the price of any sort of hovel got beyond me. Which is why I live in a hovel in Brittany.. All Celts you see.

Monarch of The Glen can be found on Best Series. me.

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