Oh God.

Not the real one, I hasten to add. If there is any such thing. I am a Universe Person.

Nope. This desire to write about things. Any old thing will do.

Washing just crossed my mind. Clothes that is. Who needs it? Robin Dominic can produce dirty clothes by the bath load. Not that I think he does this on purpose, but I do suspect that he thinks it will keep me going into my dotage, which ain’t that far away. Who could possibly forget how to turn on a washing machine? Although don’t count on that. I just might.

We also don’t agree about how to hang washing on the line. My methods are perfect because I hang them up with intent to keep clothes in shape having first given them a good shake to get rid of creases. While he hangs them up any old how. I could have made a rod for my own back here. But never mind.

I used to be an ironer extraordinaire in the days when I owned a Laundry, but that nearly finished me off altogether because everything had to be perfect. There wasn’t any other way for me. And I did charge quite a lot.

The Washing Machine is now nearly twenty years old and didn’t even cost all that much at the time. But then I never treat machinery badly because I know how it feels.

It’s the Italian thing from my paternal grandmother, although I don’t think she ever owned a washing machine in her life.

And it’s why I was a good Wren Air Mechanic. I have a passion for machinery.

3 Responses to “Oh God.”

  1. Ejjamane Says:

    Look after your tools and they will look after you.
    I’m a fastidious laundry hanger too! There’s a right way and a WRONG way, definitely …and we do it right! 😆 Good on ya for keeping up the writing. I’m a bit dried up on account of leaving my husband and going back to work. Both bringing endless inspiration but both stealing my time. X

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Its pre thinking isnt it? Like when you go through to the kitchen you put your dirty cup or plate straight into the dishwasher instead of simply chucking it in the sink!

  3. elenamitchell Says:

    I don’t have many tools now. I gave them all to my son for his Gardening Business, all in perfect working order. Fortunately he takes after his mother in this respect.

    My dish washer is called O’Connor. He can lick the bottom off any burnt oven pan.

    Try to find the time, Ejjamane. I miss your blog.

    Click on the Name, Liz. It will take you there. Although I don’t know how she did this.

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