But what about? I am suffering withdrawal symptoms again, so this must be one of my communication phases. Probably coming up New Moon. Not that it matters. You either feel it or you don’t. When it happens is irrelevant.

Rain, rain and yet more rain, so the wooden garden chairs remain untreated. They were given to me and are really nice, which means that I have to try to protect them. But then I do have a habit of affording personalities to inanimate objects. And who’s to say I’m wrong. Have you ever asked your furniture how it feels?

I never have. I just assume that it wants to be loved and protected. Some of it was a tree once, often stolen from foreign lands, which makes it so much worse if it isn’t loved.

Most of my furniture was abandoned more than fifty years ago, until I rescued it from The Tip, or worse. It will well outlive me. And so I will go on.

However, some trees need to be culled to help the other trees grow. I am not averse to burning such wood because it helps The Planet and saves electricity and wood ash is good for the Roses anyway. I’ve got a lot of Roses in my very small garden, all with a wonderful scent. I feed them recycled Tea as well. Nothing goes to waste around here.

Except Effing Plastic. I loathe plastic. I see no purpose to it whatsoever. Three quarters of my rubbish is plastic and the Plastic Recycling Bin is always full. How did this happen?

For now I shall hope for a bit of temporary Global Warming. The River Blavet rises but it won’t get me.

I do so love Mountains, but it was only last week that I realised that I live on the top of a rather small mountain. I just never get to see it in context because I am there at the top. Now isn’t that a thing.

2 Responses to “Write.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    That mountain thing. Very deep. Lovely post. I used to talk to my furniture, you remind me. I forgot. Furniture is such a comfortable old friend, I never understand why people buy new stuff, without a soul, all the time!

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    I chucked some polish on the old round table yesterday, Liz and I did briefly talk to it. I found it in a barn somewhere many years ago.

    Sometimes I just run my hand over much loved stuff. I shall say Hello next time.

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