I often hope that I haven’t lost mine yet, although I doubt it would matter if I had. No one is even remotely interested in anything that I have to say. And I no longer care anyway.

I still know what I am doing, but then most of it is rote of many years and I carry on with the same old same old. This is not difficult. You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to know how to cook Carrots

I sometimes forget what it was I put in the microwave two minutes ago, but the I only have to open the door to find out. Oh my goodness, why was I cooking a cup of water? Golly gosh. A cup of tea. What else? Why else would anyone cook a cup of water?

I have long had this theory that Dementia isn’t a problem for those who are so afflicted. We don’t care. It is only those who feel that they have to deal with it that have a problem. I just laugh. What was it that I forgot? It is never seriously important. It is only you whoever you are that worry about it. You think that we might care. But I’ll tell you for nothing that we don’t.

Why did I go into this room? But then I’ve been doing that for years and years. Rinse and repeat.. And what did I do with my car keys? As if anyone ever knows. I made provisions years ago for that sort of rubbish. Put things where you think they should be and then you will always know. Or not. But someone else will.

As it happens, I don’t feel even remotely demented, beyond what I have always been, which has always been a bit demented. But then I don’t understand people. People are my only real problem. Most people have no conception of how to be kind.

Just don’t assume that your parent doesn’t know what is going on. And should your parent be a problem for you then rest assured that it will come for you one fine day.

One Response to “Marbles.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Very true!

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