I think I might be having an Old Age Crisis. If I even knew one crisis from another. It’s always the same old same old with minor variations that don’t actually amount to anything. Enough to say that there is always something.

As it is I noticed that my hair if falling out at an alarming rate. Not bloody funny. I always had too much hair and sometimes wished that I didn’t have quite so much in the days when long and sleek were in fashion and mine always managed to be bushy and not at all elegant.

Fashion changed, but my hair was never curly either. It just sat there doing nothing. So I shoulder cropped it. I always did this myself because I was a bit broke by then and couldn’t afford a hairdresser.

Gosh. Memory escaped me there for a minute. I had the most amazing Hair Dresser in Singapore. Chinese as it happens. But he did wonderful things with my hair and always with a razor. I have never felt so good since. But then The Chinese have got weird hair.

But back to England where your average hairdresser ought to be shot. And then to France where I am still cutting it myself. It’s a bit long at the moment but I will crop it again when I feel like it.

Vanity dies hard no matter how much you try to pretend that it isn’t important.

But the point was that my hair was falling out too much. Until I started popping Siberian Ginseng again. Or is is Korean Ginseng? I shall have to look at the bottle. Any kind of Ginseng is better than no Ginseng at all. I had been taking it for fifty years, but I went into a period of wondering what was useful and what wasn’t during my days of real penury.

So what price my hair?

5 Responses to “Aged.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    B12 deficiency.

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    What? Hair loss? I shall look into that. And thanks.

  3. elenamitchell Says:

    Ginseng contains B12. Good, eh what.

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Dang! I lost my reply. I said to check how much is in your Gin Seng (sp), it might be minimal. I know about B12 because I was on a vegetarian/vegan eating plan and my hair fell out, my skin got thin and dry and my nails split.

    • elenamitchell Says:

      I tend to put things together in my head when I begin to notice oddities. On this occasion some two months after I went back on the Ginseng I noticed that my hair slide had more hair to grip on, so it was a bit arse about face, if you see what I mean.
      Before that I thought that losing hair was just old age. But apparently not entirely so.

      It does say on Google that Ginseng is good for hair loss, but I do eat fairly sensibly.

      Anyway, thanks for your interest.

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